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MICROBLADING - is a technique done by using a small handheld tool which inserts pigmentation beneath the upper layers of the skin. This cosmetic technique will mimic the appearance of natural hair strokes.  

Perfect for anyone who wants to rebuild / fill in / define sparse and over plucked brows, fix asymmetry and gain confidence!


Consultation - Free

First Session - £250 (Includes Touch Up after 4-6 weeks)

Annual Refresher - £120

After 2 years - Full Price


HD Brows - £26

Shape & Tint - £15




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Jessica Rose Cosmetics


My name is Jessica, I am Level 3 beauty therapist and a fully qualified and insured cosmetic tattooist based at S18 face clinic Dronfield.


I love all things brows and beauty and have a passion for making people feel beautiful! I have been in the beauty industry for 11 years and have been specialising in microblading for 4 years. I started my career in spas and worked on cruise ships travelling the world for 2 years. I then co owned a busy salon but I now specialise in what I love the most which is brow transformations! I also offer lip blush, brow lamination and LVL lashes.


I also offer free consultations where I can answer any questions you might have.


Look forward to meeting you and starting your brow journey...



LIP BLUSH is a form of semi permanent micro-pigmentation Here’s what to expect from the treatment...


-  Healthier coloured lips

-  Evens out tone & shape

-  Gives you a perfect natural pout

-  Fuller & plumper lips

-  Symmetrical lips


-  Unlike a lipstick tattoo lip blush is natural looking, perfect for lips that are light / dark or just need a bit of definition.


Consultation - Free

First Session - £330 (Includes Touch Up after 6-8 weeks)

Annual Refresher - £200

After 2 years - Full Price



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